Original title: Offer after presidential general election is delayed, hold, does Telangpu plan already doesn’t fall out know an outcome?

Local time on July 30, bright general hair pushs American presidential spy civil say, november mail voting likelihood is brought about make a holiday or the result is lack fidelity, be opposite at the appointed time ” the United States will be one big disgrace ” , “Defer election till people can of appropriate, insurance and safety voting? “Defer election till people can of appropriate, insurance and safety voting??

Telangpu this word, evoked the strong reaction of American political field and academia immediately, many republic party assemblyman are more instantly the borderline of make a clear distinction and Telangpu. American federal law sets, every 4 years of president general election, secure the first week in November 2 hold, the general election this year has been in surely on November 3. The only authority revises federal law ginseng that have influence to revise date or changes voting arrangement is numerous two courtyards.

Ohio establishs professor of university electoral law to not benefit (Edward Foley) point out, “President (go up in this topic for discussion) do not have influence completely… congress just has this power, but I am unthinkable congress changes election date. But I am unthinkable congress changes election date..

The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times of president of Boule of book of the Democratic Party sends in Telangpu on the west constitution also cites after pushing Wen Zhi pushing go up especially response: Voting time is decided by congress,

Changing election date also is republic party assemblyman apparently the red line to Telangpu. Chief of senatorial most party, republic party Kentucky assemblyman Maikekangnaier (Mitch McConnel) the response expresses, voting day has been final work. Then, he is farther to agreeing broadcasting station of tower radical place points out, “In the history of this country, no matter be war, great depression, civil war, the program that we never not comply to set according to federal is punctual and voting, we also will find a method to poll again that day on November 3. We also will find a method to poll again that day on November 3..

Wheat of cacique of republic party Boule blocks stannum (Kevin McCarthy) also express instantly, the election should be held according to the plan. He emphasizes, there never is the precedent that changes election date on American history. The United States is during civil war, 1918 – the big flu between 1920, even the 2nd times big fight does not have defer election.

The Telangpu that offers to object strongly by issued midday press conference to correct oneself again that day say, “I do not consider delay (election) , I want to hold an election… but after I do not miss 3 months, discover a lot of vote disappear, election (actually) no point… the election that I do not want to have a twist. Election (actually) no point… the election that I do not want to have a twist..

No matter why Telangpuru justifies oneself, try to adjourn the politics that the election may cause and legal storm had been formed slowly. Before the news spokesman Fulaishe of presidential small Bush (Ari Fleischer) point out, “If I am a president, I can delete this to push immediately special. This proposal is not anybody, especially president, can check. Our democratic foundation is everybody knows regulation and the election with applicable everybody. Election day is also will be on November 3. Presidential gentleman, do not pretend please roily this topic for discussion, this is very evil think of a way. This is very evil think of a way..

Self-contradictory epidemic situation is evaluated

Because the United States already should cause death of more than 150 thousand person to not do one’s best of new coronal virus, but Telangpu is changed again and again however to the manner of epidemic situation. Consider the negative effect that epidemic situation brings to economy, he emphasizes epidemic situation repeatedly and not serious, appeal state government should open economic activity, preparation to make the school new term begins afresh. Now for defer election, he emphasizes the risk that epidemic situation and voting likelihood bring again.

Communal and wholesome expert is warned really, poll personally the transmission that creates virus possibly, the state government that because this is responsible,holds an election is considering to whether be strengthened mail voting arrangement.

At present 5 cities arrange entire administrative division to mail vote, include Washington city, Hawaiian, Keluoladuo city, still his city, Oregon, these cities will send constituency ballot directly. If mail,a group of people of same interest worries about Telangpu the constituency scale of vote increases, the United States that is in charge of carrying vote is postal whether can prop up.

Although Telangpu is oppugned repeatedly,mail the problem that vote may make a holiday by vote, show without any evidence at present nevertheless mail vote appears any problems, he also had not offerred specific evidence.

The city with voting communication of other not compulsive requirement, constituency can choose communication to poll lawfully, but each city is registering communication to poll beforehand there is policy in order to get each above vote, face the secret worry of the disorder that choose Wu really.

Each administrative division is very uniform to the view of election date. Governor of state of Er of assorted of cloth of new rarely of republic party membership Sununu (Chris Sununu) point out, “Do not make a mistake, the election of city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth will be held on November 3, never mind is good say. The voting system of city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth is safety, reliable with insurance. We already 100% do was opposite 100 years, also won’t differ somewhat this year. Also won’t differ somewhat this year..

According to American constitution, the United States needs biennially to hold an election, calculate delay of presidential general election, also should hold inside 2020 lawfully.

Ba Er of American attorney general is asked about in congress the president expresses whether possibly when the view of defer election, he had never studied this issue, “I was not crossed by consult this problem. “I was not crossed by consult this problem..

No matter whether is the election held as scheduled, telangpu’s lieutenancy arrives namely till January 20, 2021, at the appointed time Boule prolocutor will be president of the first representative. But the analysis points out, if presidential general election is deferred, big also probability cannot hold congress election on time, because this arrived,also will put in a lawful congress Boule prolocutor to act as agent on January 20, 2021 presidential post.

The authority of the election is oppugned repeatedly

Telangpu seeks an election to adjourn to be considered as the proper sex that oppugns election outcome to be after general election to pave a road. Also appear repeatedly to changing the debate of election date. The person is showing Telangpuben publicly this year in April, “Had never I wanted to change election day… why can I think so? On November 3, this is a good number… me special expect this vote. This is a good number… me special expect this vote..

But, accept of assorted of library of senior adviser of Telangpu, son-in-law told again in May ” times ” magazine, he does not decide the election will be held on time on November 3. After causing public opinion to rebound, he expresses again, “I am not clear, also did not participate in any discussion that whether change voting day. “I am not clear, also did not participate in any discussion that whether change voting day..

Get the influence of epidemic situation of new coronal virus, telangpu’s support is spent lag behind at adversary of the Democratic Party to do obeisance to all the time ascend. The Gallup that the basis announced on July 30 civilian attune, telangpu is in office do not approbate degree amount to 56% . Another by ” investor trade journal ” the investigation that have shows, be in office to be not approbated to Telangpu degree amount to 52% , spend to the support of two candidate ascend to do obeisance to respectively 48% , Telangpu 41% . Additional, telangpu basically is swaying backward also adversary does obeisance to the city ascend.

Although the election is approached with each passing day, telangpu is brought all the time think to because epidemic situation is uncontrollable,the American economy that be proud is behaved and rebound faint. Send in Telangpu push Wen Jian to view defer vote before a few hours, the data of economy of the 2nd quarter that service publishs shows, GDP glides 32.9% , achieve American history record of the biggest decline, domestic unemployment rate is maintained in the high point of 14.7% .

New York city establishs an university Bufaluo divides Gardner of professor of school electoral law (James Gardner) warned with respect to dispatch in June, the lawful sex of American president general election may is faced with ” the crisis that is challenged badly ” . He points out, telangpu begins to make constituency be opposite after assume office the distrust of election system, “Telangpu alleges ‘ the individual polls personally ‘ make a holiday, he adds communication to poll again now make a holiday, it is to show whole and voting system is built apparently false, suspect. It is to show whole and voting system is built apparently false, suspect..

Telangpu builds situation situation to express to the proponent for many times in the election, this the election will make a holiday. In Arizona city build situation activity to go up, he expresses, “This will be the most corrupt election on our country history. “This will be the most corrupt election on our country history..

Complement says Gardner, because of the influence of epidemic situation, if voting rate crosses low, individual republican,party state government uses epidemic situation to make voting difficulty wait, be regarded as possibly to proper,oppugn an election sexual reason.

Telangpu the near future accepts Hualaishi in Fox TV station (Chris Wallace) when the result can be being accepted after be being asked about to choose in the visit, express, “I must look… I must look. ” subsequently Telangpu complements again say, “I just won’t say ‘ be ‘ , I also won’t say only ‘ not ‘ , I also am done not have last so do. I also am done not have last so do..

Gardner is warned, the law that the United States interprets a run-off to raise proper sex controversial issue special not complete, “If a certain city appears mistake, but when election outcome is close to very again, those who resemble happening in Florida 2000 is same, at the appointed time the election outcome that the electoral law of this city may decide whole country, fair sex will be harmed. Fair sex will be harmed..