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Should American help Japan ” guard ” Diaoyu Island? The acceptance of this different common, it is commander of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day made a few days ago make known one’s position. The reason is, japanese says to be in at present direction of the East China Sea, they are faced with Chinese sea alarm of boat and military plan patrol, already ” whacked ” .

If American wants to help Japan cope with China in Diaoyu Island really, how does so beautiful congress go out action?

From these days in light of trends, beautiful day had had plan of a coordination, became to the monitoring of aircraft of liberation army ship and information among them ” core ligament ” .

Below this kind of setting, another larger collaboration surplus comes out now, japan can be joined probably ” 5 alliance ” , become the 6th key point. What kind of influence can this bring to China?


Should be Japan become really ” 5 alliance ” the 6th eye?

According to England ” defend a newspaper ” 29 days of reports, british standpatter assemblyman expresses, “5 alliance ” may bring into Japan, patulous to ” 6 alliance ” . Meanwhile, still hope to expand each other the cooperative domain between, from current information collaboration enlarges strategic economy collaboration, share include rare-earth metal and medical treatment goods and materials inside resource.

Echo of this as it happens river of Japanese defensive posture is wild too man last week offer.

21 days, the river is wild too Lang Zaiying country inside the Conservative Party ” Chinese research group ” say on video seminar, if ” 5 alliance ” invite Japan to join, japan can welcome this decision.

Immediately, the Tugenhate of chairman of committee of general affairs of British commons diplomacy that chairs a seminar expresses to support to this. He says, in the past tens of year come, “5 alliance ” the core that is information and defense system all the time, future should be searched ” dependable associate ” , in order to deepen allied relation. “Stem from a lot of reasons, japan is important strategic associate, we should hold all opportunities to intensify cooperating ” .

Actually, “5 alliance ” in recent years all the time with Tokyo ogle, the rumour that Japan joins league also is not to be passed for the first time.

Be in early 2018, reuter ever reported, “5 alliance ” preparation pulls join the gang of the Three Kingdoms of heart, law, day.

Japan is more from period of springlet simple man (2001-2006) have should join ” 5 alliance ” cry, just install all making to wait for a problem because of the country at that time, and if wish,fail.

However, this opportunity is more delicate. British media captured the collective keyword that both sides makes known his position in succession, that is China.

Be in England in the eye of assemblyman of a few standpatter, pull Japan to enter ” 5 alliance ” , main purpose is antagonism China. Say for example, senate diplomacy general affairs and ell of a person of extraordinary powers of defense committee chairman are in Ceng Renying country ” Japanese times ” on publish a comment to say, “Super intelligence, network operates and messages of all sorts of soft actual strength are delivered ” the weapon that will be future, what bring to answer China is minatory, it is moment lets ” the Japan that has advanced communication technology ” join alliance 5 times.

Additional, strengthening allied strategic economy to cooperate also is to decrease to be opposite on main strategy reserve Chinese dependence. ” defend a newspaper ” say, go 10 years, china holds production of global rare opium and supply on average 9 into above. Nowadays, below 5 allied support, australia, Canada and United States are increasing considerably in the plan rare the crop with half rare metal, predict short-term inside announce.

Of course, the river is wild too man is in offer Japan is become ” the 6th eye ” when, also be exert oneself apply colours to a drawing China is minatory. He claims, chinese economy growth makes China capable to buy company of foreign science and technology, establish relationship of collaboration of science and technology with the country such as England, will to contending China and assemble invest it is very important to wait.

Media notices, “5 alliance ” elder brother United States, whether to still admit Japan to join up to now ” 5 alliance ” make known one’s position.

But in respect of China of hook in Japan, antagonism, the United States is apparent won’t absent.

Local time on July 29, acceptance of Shi Naide of commander of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day expresses, american army answers help Japan Chinese ship ” inbreak ” , criticise China undertakes to the country such as Japan ” maritime threaten ” .

He still says solemnly, the United States ” hundred ” devote oneself to to be Japanese government to provide a help on Diaoyu Island situation stoutly. He explains further say ” this means, , a week 7 days. A week 7 days..


Can be the United States accomplished really ” do his best to help Japan in Diaoyu Island periphery ” ?

Say from martial angle, above all, shi Naide this makes known this position is oral only go up, was in public support Japan in the station on footing namely this at the same time, and promise provides all sorts of support to Japan, but do not intervene directly.

In the past, american more is the position that from beautiful day federal point of view represents to support Japan, publish specific territorial dispute issue rarely, for instance Diaoyu Island problem phonates support Japan and acceptance offers a help. This says originally to day, although possible United States is ” lip service and solid do not come ” , but at least let them be received in public opinion ” encouragement ” .

Next, from the point of the speech of commander of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day, he mentioned two emphasises, it is ” do one’s best help Japan resolves Diaoyu Island situation ” ; 2 it is affirmatory U.S. Army will strengthen the cautionary surveillance in maritime space of Diaoyu Island periphery and data gathering activity, near Diaoyu Island of help Japan monitoring in square ship.

Can say, japanese respect was mixed a few years in Diaoyu Island maritime space in the past sea of the East China Sea is empty, because liberate naval aircraft and sea alarm the activity of the boat, had let them be achieved a bit ” fatigue limit ” .

Before this, japanese NHK Ceng Xuan says, local time 22 days, 4 Japanese China seas that hall of maritime security personnel borders in Diaoyu Island discovery of area sea area is sailing alarm boat. So far, day already just was in 100 days continuously adjacent area discovers Diaoyu Island Chinese official boat, achieve from September 2012 Japanese general Diaoyu Island is alleged ” nationalization ” the longest consecutive day since counts a record.

Additional, shi Naide still does not forget gally Japan, say ” as China seasonal cease fishing period is about to end, japan and the martial pressure that face will be increased very quickly ” . Means wants to say, I am to be in Japan ” provide timely help ” .

American respect is outstanding still, japanese front faces the pressure in bigger and bigger sky, and this kind of pressure basically comes from China. The reason is Chinese opportunity for combat is dispatching often, let Japanese aviation militia be done not have ” breath ” opportunity. Japanese new edition ” defensive white paper ” also mention ” should go up in Diaoyu Island problem the tendercy of high vigilance China ” .

Path of city cropland filial piety is in Japanese battleplan air man when interviewing, express what receive American CNN, japanese front faces the pressure in bigger and bigger sky, face this kind of pressure without other country meeting almost.

Japanese battleplan air man can receive warning twice at least everyday, they come from the start on the seat of combat readiness room, run quickly to battleplan, next howl is worn take off, preparative intercept ” the likelihood inbreaks the unidentified identity target of Japanese territorial air ” .

According to statistic of respect of Japanese aviation militia, arrived in March from last year this year in March, altogether of Japanese aviation militia is urgent dispatch 947 times opportunity for combat undertakes intercept, and among them most circumstance, it is to answer Chinese opportunity for combat.

Japanese respect says, in the past 10 years, aviation militia is aimed at those who encroach territorial air incident is urgent quick on the trigger increase, be in Japan especially southwest direction airspace. Japanese militia is annual of about 70% urgent dispatching undertake in this one area.

Japanese southwest maritime space has Diaoyu Island, still have air force Okinawa of seat of base of fine hand accept, this base is called by the U.S. Army ” Pacific cornerstone ” .


Go for some time, although main ally was adopted to China more strong manner, japan goes after a kind of delicate balance hard however, consider its on one hand the largest trade is companionate, economic influence of China, think on one hand the martial options with limited oneself.

Nowadays, of the United States right China practice especially abominable. Last week, the United States shut China to be stationed in cease Si Dui’s consulate, bring about two countries insecurity to concern to worsen further.

Nevertheless, japanese respect did not follow it seems that the United States and move; When the statement that issues confuse right and wrong at first in many wests country criticises Beijing publishs Hong Kong country to bring a way, japan was not joined among them. In addition, japan still abandoned buying the plan of system of defense of missile of Si Dun of American Liu Jizhou, this system part is thought to be able to use defence China ballistic missile.

“Japan is in condition of a be in a dilemma really in, ” the Japanese policy of Tokyo studies safety of university courtyard university and international study project director path issues heart accepted theory or formulation. “We understand Japan basically is competing with China while, cooperate to it again. We are playing two game at the same time. We are playing two game at the same time..

Now Japan of western hook in, this trend is very apparent, resemble bitter fleabane admire abstruse mention in the address that not long ago publishs before Nixon library, should build ” instead China affined ” , affined core is American allied country, japan is one of main allied country of the United States, so Japan is among them important one annulus.

Lie because of Japan Asia, japan copes with respect of China of China, American keep within limits to have jointly in the west ” individual action ” . So, japan is joined really ” 5 alliance ” became the 6th key point, the likelihood is meant Japan and other 4 ” 5 countries ” communication will be closer, but won’t have too big change with information exchange of the United States.

The expert tells a knife elder brother, because the information exchange between beautiful day is very close originally, the practical effect to China is not so big.

To 5 alliance, past is Ying Meizhi only and the information that is country of western white man cooperates, in fact, be not the country of Protestantism of Caucasian of English, blame, blame, be not namely ” case of white man full rash – Sa Kexun Protestantism ” (WASP) a group of things with common features group, it is the object of data gathering more or less, need to be monitored according to incident.

The partial member national capital that all north make an appointment with treaty of southeast Asia of etc of allied country, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand to organize is in this. Spoken parts in an opera, french Germany this kind of country is not admitted. If be invited,join so ” 5 alliance ” , japan chooses completely likely to join.

The expert that has research Japan problem tells a knife elder brother, no matter be returned from Japanese politics elite,be Japan for psychology of a lot of peoples, dominant of country of a flower beauty, it is the small circle of people of interior of country of western white man even, can be admitted by them, japanese most welcome.

Resemble G7 same, japan the exclusive delegate that is an Asia in order to be his all the time is proud. American president Telangpu says to want to expand, invite Korea to attend, japan jumps out the first times to object. Japan thinks his heart wants to stand in western a group of people of same interest.

And, in information field, japan thinks he understands China most, compare with American photograph even, japan feels he is right China information capability is stronger deeper finer, very much more the United States cannot be done. Accordingly, japan can feel once oneself join allied meeting 5 times to have oneself advantage.

The most important is, the right wing inside Japan and instead China force can borrow actively machine urge this climate, adjust need to Japanese policy next so we pay close attention to for a long time.

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