Original title: Beautiful intermediary publishs book review: American urgent need thinks over right China policy

Did reference news net report the United States on September 21 ” national interest ” did bimonthly website publish expert of global general affairs on September 12 Saimingdu is Smith opposite · W · the new book that large of Ma Kai of the diplomat before Singapore, politics home published 2020 ” did China win? — the challenge that China wants a place to American head ” book review, content extracts and compile as follows:

This book is understanding the relation in contemporary beauty and why the concern between this two countries is latter and such hostility was offerred important and how-to.

In nine paragraphic in, ma Kai large developed his diplomatic skill, concern in systems analysis beauty while, he is balancing the both sides of this sensitive topic cautiously, and right ” American exception is talked ” had attack, say its understand one of rational main ideological obstacles to prevent the United States. He still emphasizes, if the United States and China produce large-scale conflict, other country can choose which one party, this problem cannot decide, the ally that this makes clear the United States wants than what it thinks little. The conclusion of Ma Kai large is, the world is not blame is black namely white, if the world wants to create ” better mankind ” , people must be mixed in morality and justice, politics economically make sacrifice.

The United States is lacked ” reliable captain “

One of core themes of this book liquidate Ma Kai large namely. Long-term since, people thinks the United States owns one of the most excellent education systems on the world all the time and the extraordinary ability of education and tarry talent, the author admits this. However, the book of Ma Kai large announces piece, hypothesis United States is a person, so it has become proud now proud, shortsighted, it is chain of place of the person that pursue interest. It is versed in by the powerful main force of Washington of a go canvassing ground of combine all up is surrounded, this kind is surrounded cannot see an end.

In this book the most unforgettable paragraphic one of in, ma Kai large offerred fierce criticism to American current situation, and this is fear of reader of your United States undoubtedly. He claims even, the whole and voting process that regards the United States as the most divine and democratic activity has had a sense no longer. Look in him, the American elite estate that authority has money again is controlling American law almost completely, the public is voting just make nowadays beautiful. A here fundamental conclusion is, the person carry out of American practical politics is in when the United States needs them most, be close to eradicating it seems that.

The United States must face a kind of such true prospect: In the whole world big country is ranked in, the United States may fall reach the 2nd, but will guide the United States to answer coming a situation full of danger without an any reliable captains. If the United States wants to continue to act as often self-given world leader part, so it must with sober and the reality that painful really way faces these constant change, become the delegate of the global big country of continuous decline likely otherwise: Proud peremptoriness, right oneself go up in the technology more and more the martial ability that is overtaken by other country is overconfident, and the hand is extended too longly. But the United States’ current politics climate is repellent these captains, what it supports is pair of Hua Ying cliques with the most bellicose Washington, this meeting aggravate this problem. Ma Kai large emphasized the whole nation reviewing this one extremely urgent need to the United States with good way.

The west needs to understand China

The theme of the 2nd core of this book is China of western need understanding, at the same time China also needs to know the place that he gets on in the world better.

In concerned China government strong and paragraphic in, ma Kai large emphasizes, the Chinese Communist is throughout history actually regnant China’s most successful political power, realizing high quality for people each the life, China emperors that took off deficient and happy side to exceed the history to go up. In the American politics environment that mentions in front, any reasonable support to China are political suicide, accordingly, the Chinese Communist wins wide support in China fact of this be related is regarded as heresy in Washington.

If consider the crucial participator of Washington disregards the desire of 1.4 billion population of Chinese this one disturb fact, so the United States is right China why is policy made and carry out so that become badly so clearly. Ma Kai large faces the United States reality it is strange that this is planted break can ascribe to the go canvassing of American politician and root at ” yellow disaster ” excessive west is homiletic, it is to be aimed at Asian racialism even. “Yellow disaster ” be result from one kind the racialism metaphor of 19 centuries, it lives what East Asia person depicts western world erroneously minatory.

In this book in a substantial, a disturb truth by fair at numerous, ma Kai large warns the west strongly not to regard free democracy as all-purpose plan and optimal processing the form. He thinks, the free and democratic system that the west exists extensively has been in a lot of Asian societies get trying, refuse thereafter, this is the fact that a west needs to accept, but up to now the west cannot accept it all the time. He points out further, this kind of homiletic thinking is current United States’ main reflection process, the ability that this hampered the United States and China cooperate badly, and be on older rate block up the United States and the ability that the Asia cooperates.

Look in sceptic, michelle Aobama poored in Arizona city 2016 the address that publishs on the rally that Nikesi supports Hillary · Cline to run for the presidency suddenly reflected this kind of thinking. After the introduction and polite formula, michelle resembles saying an universal truth that kind of say: “Say earnestly, our democracy is respected all over the world, free election is the best elects our country leader way on the world. ” it is to a lot of lives for the person besides American territory, such opinion on public affairs is extremely barpque, nearly self-righteous.

The book of Ma Kai large lets a reader see, on one hand, the United States lacks reason and sober analysis, this possibility produces annihilative long-term effect to the United States and its ally and even whole world. On the other hand, china also be in a devil of hole: It is becoming one of states with the most powerful whole world, also be to be misunderstood at the same time one of most countries.

Although the United States and China are in,technology and scientific progress respect precede the world, but two countries government still did not make clear current one of the most crucial whole world relationships, and the core of this one relation is an issue that affects a person completely: The communication of person and person. Fortunately, the satchel of Ma Kai large contained the solution that how solves problem of wh some of which through reason, sober discussion. True to wanting to see an impact in be aimed at contemporary beauty and for the leader of convincing assessment, professional personage and student, ” did China win? ” it is to read booklist surely. Had turned over last page, of clearly is, although Ma Kai large offerred sharp criticism, but he is a friend to the sensible personage of the two countries in the United States. Although this may cause a few effects to ethical sense of pride, but the speech that each personage listens attentively to benefit from benefit from an Asian just expert. If nobody can listen, be in especially the west, so the core problem of this book got replying: From reason and the side of government of deal with concrete matters relating to work that face future for, china won.

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