Original title: The liberation army attacks a platform, they ” calm ” day!

The liberation army will attack a platform the most possibly on November 3!

Again American official jumps out to forecast the date attacking a platform of the liberation army, it is Keluopuxi of undersecretary of the navy before the United States this, this one view brushed an existence to feel for Taiwan again in the world.

Did condition of Taiwan Strait area already arrive warlike brim?

Cai English authorities is urgent come out put out a fire, emphasize the importance of area peace and stability repeatedly, but have again at the same time ” stage alone ” ground of rub of force dark rub wants to do new alleged ” diplomacy is broken through ” .


The Keluopuxi of close stage of naval undersecretary, footing before the United States was in recently ” congress hill ” sign up for ground of pretend to be serious about sth to write civil say, the United States is current presidential general election is current, the hostile consciousness between political parties and groups is more and more intense also, if China is chosen recover Taiwan is nodded in this time, the possibility that the United States intervenes is a lot of less.

“Because this is right for Beijing, this a week is likely on November 3 it is best attack opportunity. This a week is likely on November 3 it is best attack opportunity..

This is not American first time helps all of liberation army fierce place date.

August when, periodical of American naval academy ” discuss official business is recorded ” published an article, be by 2011, the Wennifeierde that ever held the post of vice-chairman of joint meeting of give advice leading cadre 2015, and the write of Mo Rui Er that period of government of abstruse Ba Ma holds the position of CIA acting director for two times.

They are computative, the liberation army will have sex to president of 21 days of United States on January 19, 2021 period cross-strait problem is solved inside 3 days.

The tight situation between the Taiwan Strait arrived it seems that recently the brim of on the verge of breaking out.

From last week 5 begin, liberation army military plan 18, 19, appear 3 days 20 days in taiwan strait continuously, those who fly into Taiwan is alleged ” area of air defence identifying ” .

Among them 18, 19 day is crossed two days continuously alleged ” channel central line ” , military plan in the sky appears in channel 20 days in the morning, flight height falls for a time reached 2000 meters, do not cross the frequency that enters without before two days of many sortie.

Additional, a days this 20 days, the mainland, Taiwan and American military plan in the sky appear in channel at the same time.

To this, abstruse body is in admire of bitter fleabane of American Secretary of State South America, also do not forget to censure China, calling the liberation army the action that comes day after day is be in ” martial intimidate ” .

This is recriminate apparently, because beautiful stage is ticked off,be actually even, provoke on Taiwan Strait problem ceaselessly, and all actions with the closest liberation army are we show the determination that safeguards a country to unite.

We come rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers one rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers.

American media reported in September, the U.S. Army develops practice this month, the place is in Asia-Pacific area to be nodded differently dispersedly, but they jump in what imitate leads by army the island acts, those who be aimed at is China.

Early before the U.S. Army imprints too headquarters releases an information, since September 14, empty power of U.S. Army sea reachs its periphery maritime space to spread out code name to be in Guam ” brave aegis ” massive exercise, this maneuver dispatched 3 aircraft carrier attend, be 10 come to the United States assemble in Pacific Area for years a sham battle with most aircraft carrier.

More do not carry this year August, American successional clique is curule in September visit a station, grow deputy Secretary of State from Ministry of Public Health, official layer class is broken through again and again;

Additional, the government still is driving Telangpu sell valence be worth 7 of billions of large package plan of army carry out, it is OK when producing conflict to include among them the missile of target of China of blow of your Taiwan opportunity for combat. If congress is passed, so this trades to be able to be become in recent years the biggest to stage dimensions one of.

These actions that senator also is a government in congress are hit cooperate, florida city federal is for instance senatorial Scot is more direct raised a proposal, among them content includes: Build finite accredit, let a president use an armed strength not to suffer armed attack in order to protect Taiwan below specific aim;

Requirement China abandons using or minatory use armed strength unites Taiwan;

Build dialog of beautiful stage safety and associated a sham battle;

Once People’s Republic of China takes charge,ask, beautiful stage plans to build operation of harmonious military affairs;

Proposal Taiwan throws additional natural resources to its defence.


Had the United States ” back up ” , authorities of Democratic Progressive Party also petty action is ceaseless.

The word of United States of Cai English prep against says, the mainland is latter activity of a chain of military affairs, be ” fierce is frightened ” behavior, appeal mainland must tutor oneself, do not want to provoke.

Cai English says, this is cross-strait problem not merely, it is area safety problem more, other country meets area understand the minatory sex of the mainland more.

So saying is the one’s intention revealed in saying that follows the United States apparently, want to swing responsibility to the mainland this, get the water mix of the Taiwan Strait more mix.

Taiwan regards the U.S. Army as ” friendly forces ” , act to theirs so, taiwan ” the department of defense ” dare not make carding comments of course, but the thing brother of muzzle alignment oneself, taiwan is done very prettily.

Dispatch to the mainland the action of military plan, stage ” general headquarters of the air force ” claim oneself are applied actively patrol in sky wait for military strength, close monitoring, answer effectively, and copy, saying this is the mainland ” the behavior that destroys stability of area peace Piao one-sidedly ” .

Numerous and complicated of condition of these days Taiwan Strait, taiwan is not little the person feels the United States more and more back up, besides the stage army want to borrow besides situation, still many force also are wanting to borrow. For instance ” diplomatic bound ” personage.

Xiao Meiqin, the delegate of Taipei economy culture that just assumed office this in July is in the delegate that be stationed in the United States, was discovered yesterday will push special individual brief introduction to repair instead ” Taiwan of Taiwan Ambassador To The US is stationed in beautiful ambassador ” .

From ” represent ” to ” ambassador ” , xiao Meiqin does not know this backside impossibly defy interest.

If this still got Taiwan authorities, of government of current even United States approbate, that seriousness need not wordy.

The thing is troubled by very quickly big, green battalion personage hallooes honor is impossible that one-sided is changed, it is the tacit understanding with the United States for certain, this is ” Taiwan diplomacy new progress ” .

The netizen is oppugned however, this is desolate is in only probably from hey.

Somebody asks Cai English this thing, cai steer clear of problem itself, just say no matter what is Xiao Meiqin’s honor, she can try hard for Taiwan.

Xiao Meiqin sees the thing is troubled by big, the late night sent facial book put out a fire rapidly partly at 11 o’clock yesterday. Whole character 600 much words, but show a lot of kink.

Xiao Meiqin says that he cannot bear first the heart makes a proponent disappointed, but actually her honor did not change, or ” represent ” , and she still admits, “A kind of policy or existence wear policy framework of the United States… Ambassador is not American government at present place approbatory appellation ” .

Oh, still be so from hey.

Dan Xiaomei musical instrument says him closely then again is not ” self-given from hey ” , she says, my duty factor ” other country ambassador ” still return more complex, “Ambassador not only the adjective that is existing to me job, also had made call of a lot of friend of beautiful honest all walks of life in fact my means ” .

In other words, xiao Meiqin this is to be in appeal to grievance, feel oneself are nominal.

This paragraph of character very kink, but key of in the final analysis has only, “Ambassador ” honor is approbated without the government.

Xiao Meiqin is very clear the weight of these two words and imply, she is very clear oneself bear not to rise, postponing special individual brief introduction so from the back, still tagged clearly ” this is individual Zhang date ” .

Piece finish sth, this word also can serve as ” break involuntarily ” excuse.

Be in ” appellation ” on make an issue of, it is to want actually ” stage alone ” to sit solid, these year ” stage alone ” act somewhat on this direction all the time.

Xiao Meiqin is not the first person, also won’t be last person.

They have a collective expectation, that is some second if pay close attention to and the action was not atttacked, can serve as accomplished fact so, regard future as proceed ” breakthrough ” start.

Resemble this, although Xiao Meiqin arrogate to oneself changes ” appellation ” caused disturbance, but she is in ” explanation ” later also did not correct up to now change time, namely ” can deceive pass a barrier ” state of mind is in cause trouble.

This kind of state of mind, concern couplet of course with condition of Taiwan Strait instantly.

American high-ranking official comes stage and trends of U.S. Army Taiwan Strait again and again, those who deepened Taiwan authorities is psychedelic, they think Taiwan is true by accident is ” chess player ” , in every respect somewhat ” breakthrough ” , also feel American action is ” the U.S. Army after mainland come to attack us can move to be aided ” a kind of affirmatory means.

Still have, cai English authorities from appear on the stage up to now, be in all the time cross-strait relation and head for ” stage alone ” banger is cut on direction, try in vain giant highbrow plan little make it.

Leave the officer of the face so so do, more or less to cater to the meaning of authorities a bit, may be authorities directive even.

If do not have an accident, cai English authorities will be very glad. But finish sth with respect to cipher out, beautiful like desolate musical instrument such deceive pass a barrier, it seems that cost is not big also.


Be afraid of getting into trouble should do a thing again, this kind of psychology of authorities of Democratic Progressive Party actually not fathomless.

The liberation army enters military plan of taiwan strait, mainland 3 days continuously so large-scale approach Taiwan island, response of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says ” without channel central line ” …

These facts that go a few days shook authorities of the Democratic Progressive Party inside the island strongly, the person such as Cai English begins to emphasize the peace and stability of channel area repeatedly. Stage intermediary still explodes give a message to say, stage army will go ” biff ” change call ” exercise defend oneself strikes back authority ” , the change of this term comes out fully right now, big probability is to be in declare stage army to won’t open the first gun, lest liberation army miscarriage of justice.

Authorities of Democratic Progressive Party realized the determined volition of the liberation army clearly, so they somewhat dread.

But the bottom that square action is continueing to do a business to them enrages the United States, of rub of dark rub of desolate beautiful musical instrument exploring is.

However, the liberation army was this to issue fierce medicine, clear show the mainland tolerates no longer beautiful stage promotes Gou Lian with the way that cuts banger, otherwise the martial action of the mainland is sure to continue to upgrade considerably, till face-off.

Today’s Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the press conference, the spokesman says very clearly: Beautiful square encourage ” stage alone ” arrogance of disrupt force aggressive, it is the square politics in be opposite is provoked, abet ” stage alone ” arrogance of disrupt force aggressive, destroy Sino-US relation and Taiwan Strait peace and stability… in just be sure to just when make step instead,be adopted, include to be aimed at concerned individual.

Yes, the fluctuation of chinese mainland society has deep love for peace, but peace must have powerful martial ability and the resolution that using these capacity stoutly when necessary to provide support.

Beautiful stage cuts the development government concern of banger type, they had cut finger now. Especially Cai English authorities, they or wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment, grey perhaps flying smoke destroys.

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