Original title: The film ” white Mao Nv ” Yang Run of playwrite, writer dies of illness personally, die at the age of is 97 years old

Association of Tianjin city writer releases obituary notice to say on March 25 morning: The film ” white Mao Nv ” body of Yang Run of vice-chairman of branch of Tianjin of association of playwrite, well-known writer, former China writer due to illness cure is invalid, on March 24, 2020 22 when die 27 minutes in Tianjin, die at the age of is 97 years old. The regulation that during concerning epidemic situation according to the country, funeral arrangement conforms to the principle of simplicity and Yang Run body before one’s death last wish, funeral arrangement conforms to the principle of simplicity, chase after think of meeting general to be arranged separately.

To Yang Run body before one’s death body state, tianjin city is made assist when Chen Xiaoan of vice secretary of office unit full-time accepts Beijing youth to sign up for a reporter to interview on March 25 afternoon, say, yang Run is in early personally began 2015 bedfast, a variety of diseases pester a body, be in all the time hospitalization. Smooth last year, about him sick into death circumstance is made to Tianjin city assist appeared in the newspaper 10 come second. “Be in this year Spring Festival eve, we are made assist go expressing sympathy and solicitude for before the leader when him, his recognizant position is clearer still. When he dies, our Tianjin is made assist the relative that the leader still has him, gross 10 bearer, held for him very diminutive remains leaves ceremony.

Yang Run was born on July 31, 1923 personally, heibei saves smooth hill person. Attended revolution 1937, military region of look forward to of Ceng Renjin examine the 4th, military subzero learns troupe political instructor, advance in revolution of democracy of nation of look forward to of team member of 8 groups propaganda team, advance examine political instructor of newspaper office of avant-courier of the 4th zone, the Communist Party of China makes the same score Cha Ji border area area of hill county lukewarm pond appoint propagandist committee member, China. 1952, yang Run is graduated from institute of the literature central personally, hold the post of Tianjin culture bureau to produce group cadre, to Tianjin city writer association works after. Development of smooth hill county is saved for a long time to live in birthplace Heibei from 1978, active in ferry look forward to two ground undertake literature is created.

Yang Run began to publish work 1944 personally, joined Chinese writer consortium 1949, literature creates one class. He this all one’s life the pen does not stop n cultivated land, writing of with great concentration, publish work early or late 400 more than word, main work has: Modern drama ” furnace head is met ” ” a bowl of meal ” ” Chai Zhuang’s poor turns over ” ” overnight ” etc, the film ” white Mao Nv ” (collaboration) ” visit one’s family write down ” ” village accountant ” etc, novel ” harships persimmon mountain ” ” 9 villages anecdote ” ” the ball and chain of the devil ” ” white Mao Nv and her children and grand children ” ” Bethune’s daughter ” ” ” heaven ” in laic ” , in short story collect ” body novel chooses Yang Run ” , prosaic collect ” the elegant demeanour of birthplace of white Mao Nv ” wait. Captured border area of advance examine look forward to 1945 outstanding theatrical work makes first prize, obtained culture ministry 1957 outstanding playwrite first prize, 1982, won award of literature of Tianjin city Lu Xun 1984, won first prize of award of literature of countrywide gold aegis 1986. Especially he was participated in 1952 advocate the film that starts playwrite ” white Mao Nv ” , affect thorough, widely known.

Tianjin makes assist write in obituary notice: Yang Run creates road to go up to be in charge of to people, artistic to literature height in literature personally, with the pen eulogize times in his hand, eulogize our motherland is mixed people, it is the outstanding and literary soldier of a party. He holds the position of a vice-chairman in association of Tianjin city writer during, attach most importance to with overall situation everywhere, set oneself an example to others, have a sharp sense of integrity, sainted, the growing progress pour into that creates a handsome appearance to literature of Tianjin city youth a large number of painstaking effort, for the literary career of Tianjin development made outstanding contribution. His the significant loss that dying is career of contemporary literature of Tianjin and China.

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