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Original title: Wu Kelan adds 16 new coronals newly diagnose of accumulative total of pneumonic diagnose case of illness 113

25 days, black connects department of emergency of company quote Wu Kelan to release data to say, up to local time 25 days 7 when, wu Kelan adds new coronal newly pneumonic diagnose case of illness 16, case of illness of accumulative total diagnose 113. Diagnose case of illness distributings at the capital base complementary and 13 cities, among them base complementary city 31, base complementary city 22, city of plan of husband of the Nuo that cut Er 38, yi Monuo – Fulankefusike city 5, city of Er of wave of nimble Er Nuo 4, niebai collect those gets collect husband Si Kezhou 2, plunge into a Luo Rezhou 2, city of benefit Wo Fu 2, city of Er of day care rice 2, city of gram of Du Nie Ci, Lugansike city of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of the city, Aode Sa city, Wo Lun city, card that cut Er each 1. Up to now, share 1 person to recover, 3 people die.

To answer new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation travels, wu Kelan already announced to adopt a series of quarantine to keep apart measure before April 3, capital radical complementary reach many cities to enter urgent state. (Wang Xiaoxue of total stage reporter)