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Original title: French government answers communal and wholesome critical condition through 25 administration law

Local time 25 days, french premier Philip announces after the ministerial joint meeting that held that day, the conference passed 25 administration law, will answer new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation the effect that to economic society each respect causes. Philip expresses, one-time make through 25 administrative law, this is flange on the west on history of the 5th republic peerless, and the crisis that should answer this to just begin needs everybody’s long-term effort.

It is reported, what highlight most in law of these 25 administration is French government help measure to the economy of enterprise and individual. Among them, the treasury of loan of bank of 300 billion euro that faces all companies assures began to accept application that day from 25 days, face medium and small businesses to will create the unitive fund of 1 billion euro, in addition, 8.5 billion euro will be used at aiding financially application ” the part is unemployed ” individual, and the period of efficacy of lowermost income safeguard that is aimed at difficult group also will be under critical condition termless lengthen. (Zou Geyi of total stage reporter)