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Original title: “Woke ” the United States is occurrent what

On March 19, american president Telangpu (before right) in Washington federal headquarters of arrange of an emergency measures attends telephone meeting.

This print journalist / Peng Danni

Quiet, hollowness, fatigue Garrett looks at beautiful · to the window outside, new York of world the biggest city was done not have already completely in former days flourishing picture, herself also reduced the time of outer activity considerably, the video phone software such as Zoom, Skype makes new working measure. The goods that panicky mood lets a store by scare buying one sky, but food is supplied still calculate enough.

This has kept the new York customer of composing of 3 concerned contagion at least, ever because be in fair defend the story of the domain and win award of general benefit plan, get used to epidemic situation not hard to envelop the life below it seems that right now. Studying and observed human society for many times after the disaster that contagion popularity causes, give the world brought change to new coronal epidemic situation, she thinks, have 9 · only 11 fear raiding incident to be able to place on a par to it.

Capital is at large from.

In 10 days when came 18 days on March 9, the US stock sparked 4 times fusing mechanism, refresh history record. People speaks, if on March 8 Buffett still can say the look ” I lived 89 years old, had seen US stock fusing only. ” so he should feel now oneself ” too young still. ” so he should feel now oneself ” too young still..

On March 19, zhou Si is late local time at 12 o’clock, be in the United States on the west California los angeles of the coast, lived 20 old California university los angeles are divided school is public hygiene courtyard assistant dean, epidemiology is senior and lifelong professor Zhang Zunfeng drives come home, discovering the car discharge on the road is him what never had seen is exiguous. The road of los angeles is never-ending, but this day night, california bey added article · Niu Sengang to just announced Ju Jialing — the strictest since epidemic situation of coronal of this city make a fresh start mandatory measure. Zhang Zunfeng worries about the school to may be shut, hurried back in the late evening the school takes a few necessary files, make the preparation of the good office that occupy the home.

Be in only two weeks before, the person that los angeles has ten diagnose only, the hospital near Zhang Zunfeng abode appeared a person that affect, but at that time, only the Chinese buys water of rice, store up, someone else appears and not nervous. Two week hind, new coronal epidemic situation has shown the growth of eruptive type in the United States, social atmosphere changes suddenly.

Be in likewise on March 19 this day, of Chinese Hubei increase diagnose number newly for 0, and American diagnose case is broken 10 thousand. Newest real time data shows, up to on March 23 afternoon at 5 o’clock, american diagnose affects a number to exceed 35 thousand, make global diagnose number the country of the more than 3rd.

The United States is immersed in overall come to a standstill, from economy, live to the society.

The United States ” wake “

School of component of interest of gram of California university uncle is public hygiene courtyard teachs Nicholas Zhu ell and his daughter are epidemic the expert of statistical respect. It is early in January the last ten-day of a month, be being returned it seems that when epidemic situation is Pacific Ocean only when thither thing, they are discussing new coronal virus closely, begin plan of a few reserve is made in the home, prepare the kinds or types of goods that two weeks of place want house home. Await in those days, they try to communicate seriousness of this epidemic situation to people, but gotten response invites their all up.

Even if arrived Feburary end, telangpu still is saying the United States has 15 person that affect only, than where little, “He is not afraid ” ” accuse completely in the palm in ” . On the news briefing of the White House Feburary 29, american Ministry of Public Health grows Alex Azaer to also say, “Resembled catching heavy cold or flu. ” but ell says Nicholas Zhu, “What is every epidemiology home knows what will approach flintily to us. “What is every epidemiology home knows what will approach flintily to us..

On March 13, ell accepts Nicholas Zhu ” new York Times ” when interviewing, the United States has the 1700 more than person that affect at least, he predicts next Zhou San, i.e. on March 18 when, diagnose number of the United States can be achieved 8000, next, epidemic situation will grow with breathtaking speed. Arrived really on March 18 that day, the United States reports actually border diagnose affects a number to be 8736 — those who exceed him forecast.

On March 11, han Kesi of · of Mu of soup of Hollywood giant star and madam contract new coronal virus in Australian diagnose, classics of epidemic situation of this day of new coronal judges assess sex to be ” global craze ” ; The following day, because Er of shellfish of dagger of star of Sir NBA gang affects new coronal, NBA announces sports season break down. Little accumulates the change of American public mood, meantime is shaken by these messages. Reached this week 14 days on March 8, ell believes Nicholas Zhu, people got pound, and after this kind is experienced, will meet only have add without decrease.

Francis Collins of dean of national and wholesome academy accepted the United States on March 14 ” Atlantic monthly magazine ” when interviewing, say, since going a few days apparently, american begins to wake, the menace that realizes new coronal virus has much seriousness after all. Wake at the same time, still have the American president Telangpu of seriousness of intended desalt epidemic situation before this. Time of American the eastpart part on March 13 afternoon, telangpu announces the whole nation enters urgent state, he will be OK the capital of federal of 50 billion dollar that use congress accredit moves will answer new coronal crisis, this action is considered as the mark that the government changes Telangpu to active epidemic prevention.

Same this day, the United States federally file ” virus act proposed law ” admonitory policy constitutor people, this epidemic will last 18 months or longer, break out possibly for many times, bring about large area to supply shortage, the medical treatment system that gives consumer and United States brings pressure.

After March 13, the United States is rising federally detect ability, bring the respect such as allowance of resource, economy into play to begin an action again and again. “If want what to say, that is our reaction inadequacy. ” an expert of respiratory tract contagion of cent school says California university san Francisco. The middle ten days of a month was answering the United States in March and detect the speed that go up, should achieve before a month originally.

Fatigue beautiful · Garrett thinks, look now, the whole world can be answered than epidemic situation of American new coronal worse, also have England only. Should the reporter asks her, when the government should do what business, she all along biting replies directly: We do not have time to list this complete list, because the government does any businesses that they should do hardly.

One is forecasted to be by what many expert cites, the rate that American epidemic situation grows compares day of Italian late 8~10 only about. Fatigue beautiful · Garrett thinks, the likelihood is in the last a week March, will see new coronal case load is abrupt increase sharply. Be in certain place, for instance new York, the hospital will be complete excess load runs. And inside countrywide limits, epidemic situation is worn with different foot popularity, from now on, last to summer all the time.

Keneiliya Geligesi is Newyork city the doctor of a large hospital, she ever was in haing Buddha university division of serious illness medicine has accepted accessary hospital to groom for a long time, had seen too much and mortal patient, “Panicky ” not be originally in her dictionary. But an an account in one’s own words that she published on March 19, took it seems that ” exaggerate sth just to scare people ” caption — ” the day should collapse ” , because she sees people is at the door emergency call room,discharging cue to wait to detect, cure protects personnel to rest ceaselessly the patient that the ground worked to still do not deal with increase sharply however, still have with each passing day of exhaust defend the vaccine of equipment and not within the foreseeable future.

“We are living in a whole world in communal and wholesome crisis, its development speed and scale are unprecedented. The interstitial positive-appearing image of system of our medical treatment and banking splits like cut together. No matter result how, to our everybody, the life will differ a bit it seems that forever. ” Geligesi is written.

Happen to have the same view with this word meaning, still Neal Ferguson of British epidemiology home accepts a this when when media interviews, say: Be in next in a year of many time, the world that we live meeting and before disparate. On March 19, he is being pushed go up especially say, oneself new coronal virus detects show masculine gender.

The contagion of whole world of MRC of London Caesarean technical institute that Neal Ferguson leads analyses a center, begin to studying new coronal epidemic situation deep continuously from January. Recently, his group is forecasted through the model, below the worst situation, the United States may have 2.2 million person to die at new coronal epidemic situation, if ask him what the most hopeful circumstance is, the dead number that he gives out is sufficient also big — 100 much.

On March 21, square of times of American new York not answer former days lively, street edge giant showing on screen ” acknowledgment medical worker ” English model of written characters. Photography / this print journalist Liao Pan

Detect, detect, diagnose number violent wind rises

Liu Ji Gao is inferior chairman of beautiful doctor association, also be Newyork city at the same time the doctor of clinic of person of one family property. The doctor of clinic of home of a lot of illicit that includes him inside, of connection is a commercial laboratory that makes Bio-Reference Laboratories. On March 13, this lab gets governmental permission is begun formally detect, check of the first day is measured is 1400, two days of subsequently check are measured achieved 2000. The other side says with him, the biggest check is measured can achieve everyday 5000, detect so ability is a problem far from.

Also be to be in this day, although still be very nervous, but Geligesi feels, the new coronal test of new York becomes easier, a lab on the side of her office, be being transformed to undertake new coronal detect, hopeful achieves a day of 1000 check to measure.

On March 13, announce to enter a country in the United States critical condition while, telangpu released a series of raising to detect the policy of ability, include city, medical establishment and commercial laboratory with the biggest advantage, be in next a week is offerred amount to 2 million additional check to check agent box, appoint secretary of assistant of Ministry of Public Health lay mines Te Jiluoyier only.

According to the data of COVID Tracking Project of civilian statistic project, up to on March 17, the United States has 41 thousand person to had been accepted about detect, with computation of this one word, american every 1 million people detect the number is 125 people only, mix under England, Italy considerably Korea. But the situation is taking a favourable turn. Rhea Er of auspicious of · of lay mines spy reports, up to on March 19, the United States came true 103000 times to detect, grew one 58878 times before almost than two days times.

The center of medicine of university of large hospital Fan Debao in Er of the United States’ mid dimension of Tennessee metropolis Nash, accept of sanded husband of · of contagion expert Williams loosened tone, because detect,ability went up eventually, before a week, this hospital that he works can do 200 one day to detect, one day can achieve 10000 now. The hospital established the center that sift check, one is in a hospital, 3 other in city places, his a lot of colleagues work inside.

Telangpuxi hopes to imitate Korea to establish ” avoid get off ” detect — fill in investigation questionnaire, if need to detect truly, but nearby is in supermarket of American large general merchandise Woerma, Target and chain drugstore Walgreen and CVS the parking lot that wait detects the center undertakes sampling. But this one practice still does not have large area to roll out at present come. The city that accept of Williams · Sha Fu is in has not been begun, but he feels to let wait for the person that detect to get off come, make the doctor can see the patient does a fast face examine very important also. New York city had established such a few test point, nevertheless, liu Ji Gao does not feel this action can have how old the effect, be in at least like new York Manhadu area such place, because parking space is insufficient, the person that has a car is not much.

Begin from March 16, because community asks detected person rises more apparently, the Wu Xin that in name of new jersey emperor division of hospital emergency call works (alias) be transferred one of 4 line of defence of section office: Fast sieve checks medical treatment tent, be in charge of initial one of four methods of diagnosis, measure temperature, keep team flow rate. This is an apart passageway, register and detect outdoors, with hospital segregation. Noon tomorrow, wu Xin is arrived to detect by exchange post. After taking over check to measure, she is described ” the one after another detects, without rest opportunity. ” and her responsible in the morning sieve is checked there, there are a few people only nevertheless when she leaves just, already discharged outside unexpectedly after half hour removed long dragon.

This medical establishment is new jersey new coronal of pneumonic patient basically close control one of aspects. Hospital CEO said on March 14, of CDC detect slippery, the first sample that sends still does not have diagnose to now, the city establishs a laboratory also excess load runs, at present the hospital is in cooperate with LabCorp of lab of a commerce.

On March 20, new jersey government is in bureau of confederative and urgent office management (FEMA) below the help that waits for a few orgnaizations, opened to detect center, began to accept at 8 o’clock in the morning detect, 4 hours were achieved detected that day ability upper limit, the people that must make wait leaves ahead of schedule. This city plans reopen two ” avoid get off ” test point, and a few private hospitals had offerred such a few test point.

Although of all sorts of ways detect channel is being opened, but detect still demand exceeds supply. Liu Ji Gao says, detect attributive transfer to a lower level just two weeks many, a lot of detect the course that the lab needs to have preparation of a goods and materials, Training Within Industry, this needs time, he feels to spend 9 week again, detect won’t have too big problem.

But Liu Ji Gao has other and anxious. Because guaze mask is in short supply with the consciousness that overspreads without Dai Kou, detect process itself may bring more to infect. This kind of risk appears to have everywhere, for instance, when the people that will detect takes public traffic tool, when the center that sift check or urgent consulting room queue up to await check, person allowing the home drives when carrying a patient to detect… ” special how terrible! ” Liu Ji Gao says. He and inferior the member of beautiful doctor association people thinking way, among them a plan is the patient that detects to thinking to have need after the sieve at the beginning of those family doctor, detect personnel drives come to go sampling is done detect. They are advancing this kind of method actively, and the hope can get a government take seriously and popularize.

To avoid this kind of risk, and detect needlessly speak or sing alternately is overspread and defend the waste that take, in suffer epidemic situation to pound more serious place, include the partial city of new York, Washington and California, governmental hope cure protects patient of personnel, serious illness and Gao Wei the crowd is preferential detect. A CDC official of Newyork city says, new coronal is already general and popular, do not have exact treatment method again, have a fever to a few occurrence cough the person that waits for lighter symptom, ought to assume they had sufferred from to have new hat and undertake ego is kept apart. To these people, detect won’t bring what change to their course of diseases, return meeting waste to detect instead of personnel defend equipment. And once appear ” false negative ” result, also go against ego segregation.

American regime is the structure that distribute right, be in fair defending a domain also is such. Fatigue Garrett tells beautiful · ” Chinese news weekly ” , begin from acting 1700 end, from bottom to top promotes communal and wholesome enterprise of the United States. The United States federally the communal sanitation of the level (function) be proposal property mostly, the law that lacks coercive action is authoritative. For instance, american CDC can suggest new York closes the school, but it cannot be in jural such compulsively doing, only Newyork city mayor can close local school legally.

Second epidemic situation is here medium, by netizen assimilate to ” batty a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” Lew Ke not opens mind of Chang’an of administrative division of new York state for many times rancorring Telangpu, act style is tough. On Feburary 28, american CDC will detect attributive transfer to a lower level comes city one class, but on March 8, division not criticize CDC to be opposite of private lab detect attributive transfer to a lower level is too slow, delayed discovery of case of illness, new York city has 7 labs to be able to be begun detect, wait for confederative CDC to make fall only.

From the point of the data that came 20 days 3 days on March 18, of new York city detect the number holds American total check to measure all the time 1/5 the left and right sides. And a large number of detecting let new York had become the state with maximum number of completely beautiful diagnose. Beautiful east time on March 20 afternoon, this state official is announced, it is merely between one night, new York undertook 10 thousand detect for many times, the result discovers many 2000 to infection adds case newly, the person that accumulate diagnose amounts to 7845 people, occupy the United States about at that time of diagnose number 40% the left and right sides. Arrived 22 days afternoon, this city detects the number is made an appointment with sixty-one thousand four hundred, 27% what occupy completely beautiful total check to measure, diagnose number violent wind promotes 15168 people, adjacent turned over one times.

The Zhang Zunfeng that is in California personally says, new York epidemic situation so serious, besides because detect besides grow in quantity, as much as here youth also, social activity is much, populous wait for an element to concern, easy across is affected. He still points out, this means the state that the apparent existence community such as California, Washington city communicates at the same time, because detect,exist at present the circumstance that the person that be not worth and cause infection underestimates. Measure heighten as check, the synchronism of ill regular meeting of these places rises. As more and more person that affect by diagnose, battlefield move comes doctor of a gleam of.

On March 15, be in American California Ka Erfu city, platoon of the people outside shop of a firearms removed cue.

Do not have guaze mask, xiang Masi overcomes propaganda to the enemy at the front line

The new coronal that Gao Lei of doctor of family of heart of medical establishment of American Xi Yatu Franciscan is updating him everyday recently ” fight epidemic disease ” diary. On March 7, although Washington city is the place with American the most serious epidemic situation at that time, gao Lei receives the email of the hospital to say, still enough N95 guaze mask is used. But arrived on March 20, the email of the hospital says, of whole medical establishment defend equipment is only enough the use quantity of a week, ask managing use guaze mask mixes everybody all protective equipment, hope next week to be able to receive more replenish onr’s stock. This day, he used a respirator only, to afternoon, he filled up two face tissues inside guaze mask. Midday, gao Lei comes up against an assistant of hospital internal medicine, hospital nurse to Founder patient of 3 new coronals, but one-time face guard film should be used daylong.

According to American media coverage, a cure that fights epidemic disease in new York front protects personnel, cherish pregnancy, usable without N95 guaze mask however. This week some earlier moment, geligesi is on duty in the hospital when, see outfit glove is mixed other defend in the box of equipment, goods and materials is decreasing ceaselessly. In her that ” the day should collapse ” below the article, reader response says, her daughter also is new York the medical resident of a hospital, she is helping a daughter do guaze mask now. This mother says, if medical treatment system cannot protect her daughter, at least her remedy can make the child unapt be exposed thoroughly in virus. The guaze mask that she does is gules, there is a heart design above. Another reader says, oneself also turned over old sewing machine, video of a few education watched on the net, try to take some of old cloth and elastic to begin to do guaze mask, he hopes to be able to think medical personnel of a gleam of makes some of contribution.

American CDC is in ” guaze mask supplies optimum strategy ” the terminal point directive of one article says: Below the circumstance that does not have guaze mask, as final step, nurse the cure of new coronal patient protects personnel to be able to be used abstain guaze mask (like handkerchief, scarf) .

Narrate before ” virus action plans ” forecast, the United States may appear all sorts of goods and materials are in short supply, affect medical treatment service then, especially emergency treatment goods and materials and key are medical establishment lack, include to diagnose, medical treatment things (defend equipment and medicines and chemical reagents) , bring about certain and clinical professional finally serious depletion of numbers, for instance emergency call room and personnel of contagion specialized subject.

Zhang Zunfeng says, although announce to enter national emergency, but because guaze mask of a lot of production is mixed,defend the product line that take is in abroad, far water does not save close fire, just begin to make now, one awaits period. On the other hand, when Chinese epidemic situation is tight, student studying abroad of overseas Chinese of a lot of Chinese buys a large number of protective equipment on American market send home for nothing, also be one of shortage reasons.

Liu Ji Gao holds the position of chairman inferior beautiful doctor association has 1100 about inferior descendants doctor. When Wuhan epidemic situation is grim, doctors are being helped everywhere get busy about buying guaze mask and other safeguard to return home, but after a many month, new York becomes the United States the biggest ” epicenter ” , this kind of goods and materials becomes special however deficient, those who install 50 is common and medical before surgical guaze mask 6.9 dollars, now already near 100 dollars. Liu Ji Gao says, the doctor clinic that a lot of people in them are in, guaze mask, defend take had been about consumed, they are thinking method goes other state is bought. And the habit that the urgent consulting room of American hospital does not have Dai Kou generally to overspread, also do not have enough reserve so.

On March 22, telangpu tries to assure to the masses of angst, the help is on the road, look forward to of a few illicit, include clothing company Hanes to wait, already agreed to produce and offer imperative medical treatment articles for use, but Telangpu and vice president Peng Si did not disclose these goods and materials how long can reach the designated position. 23 days, the bey of a few cities issues urgent request to Telangpu, the requirement supplies guaze mask and equipment of other medical treatment, although be applied with all possible means,press, but whether is Telangpu started in the decision ” national defence produces a law ” on pendulous. This act will allow governmental order preferential change, the first to national security product that the company needs to produce American department of defense to set.

But American local government does not have await one’s doom. On March 19, mayor Bai Saihao is pushing new York to go up especially to tesla manager propaganda to the enemy at the front line of Ma Sike of dust grand · : “Our national front is facing severe shortage, we need lung ventilator, had jumped over more quickly. We can be exhausted can go searching lung ventilator, but the help that we need you! ” Masike is responded to very quickly, 23 days begin this week, ma Sike says to be able to have offerred 1200 lung ventilator to the hospital, still have many N95 guaze mask. Of from bottom to top arouse form, be in the United States fission is filled to show in fighting epidemic disease.

Began on March 19, the friend circle of the assistant of Liu Ji Gao is more present the information that appeal about goods and materials. Morrow, the medical treatment things that the doctor such as Liu Ji Gao goes to collect sent presbytery empress the hospital, new at that time coronal weighs disease patient to had exceeded 150 people here.

In bigger level, it is to defend not only equipment, the lung ventilator of American hospital, bed, cure protects personnel amount to wait to may face a challenge. England ” financial times ” the article that published on March 17 points out, the medical treatment system of the United States and England is put in the weakness, if these two countries encounter similar Italy’s serious in that way new coronal epidemic situation breaks out, these weaknesses may cause system of its medical treatment break down. One of evidence of the article are, according to statistic, every 1000 people have the United States and England bed of about 2 pieces of hospitals, and Germany has 6 pieces, japan is 7.8 pieces.

On March 18, lew Ke not announces heart of Chang’an of administrative division of new York state, the United States is naval ” comfort ” boat of date medical treatment predicts will in April berth is in new York harbor, capacity of the biggest sickbed is 1000 pieces; The near acting square hotel when he issues Ling Man to with a ha pause at the same time reserves to keep apart center and hospital definitely, 1000 retired doctors and nurse already also began to provide medical treatment service. He states his support continues to begin detect, and the person that the means that hope federal can detect through antibody discovers those had been affected and restores, solve cure to protect the partial issue that personnel is in short supply. But Liu Ji Gao thinks these still are insufficient, “Be in new York, new coronal breaks out is to just begin only at present just ” .

On March 17, area of American san Francisco bay the partial commodity of a supermarket by scare buying one sky. Photography / this print journalist Liu closes

Social distance and sky do not have the times square of one person

The fighting that on March 13 division of a Sino-US breath, serious illness division, infection and other and relevant top expert participate in epidemic disease experience is shared on the meeting, zhang Wenhong of director of division of infection of hospital of accessary Mount Hua introduces Shanghai Fudan University, a successful experience that Shanghai fights epidemic disease is, after diagnose, the hospital will close as soon as possible treat a patient to be admitted to hospital, shorten their retention period outside the hospital, travel in order to prevent farther this locality. But Zhang Zunfeng says, to prevent a run on a bank of medical treatment resource, the strategy that the United States adopts is to weigh a patient to close treat be admitted to hospital, light-duty patient resides a segregation, the reason is above all major family has a requirement, the bedroom that becomes independent for instance, toilet, next family doctor, CDC also can offer a lot of specific segregation that occupy the home to coach.

Epidemic situation is prevented accuse to basically have two kinds of big strategy, it is to restrain (Contain) , the purpose is the numerical value that infects several R reduces a second birth 1 the following, thoroughly cleared person passes person phenomenon. At present the epidemic prevention measure of China and Korea proves, restrain measure to be in short-term inside effective, but these measure need are maintained all the time go down, appear on the market till vaccine, otherwise once loosen, can 2 spend eruptive likelihood. 2 it is slow down (Delay) , it does less than preventing case of illness travels, but pass safeguard, do not let case of illness be in a certain time paragraph inside jump, with allocating medical treatment resource effectively, let mortality word fall lowest. Current, italy, England and beautiful national capital took slow down course.

Zhang Zunfeng calculated, before amount of case of illness of diagnose of United States of period of time breaks up 4 days one time, arrived to was controlled on March 20, diagnose case is basic it is every other increases one times two days. To this, epidemiology and clinical experts place the hope consistently in same on the thing: Social distance (Social Distancing) . This is to will send ill number curve to turn into from increase sharply gently important step, and the burden that latter meeting reduces medical establishment — distributing can gentlily because of medical treatment demand in be as long as in the time of a few months, unapt a few weeks short inside shatter medical treatment system.

The segregation measure that American each city publishs thick and fast is listed one by one hard, include at least: Ohio deferred presidential preelection; Washington and Maryland city announce to shut cafeteria and bar; On March 16, the county county such as the Marlin of area of san Francisco bay, san Francisco, Shengmateao is released ” on the spot takes refugee your ” , requirement dweller is in future 3 wait for as far as possible inside week in the home, because of,be like ” necessary activity and job ” piece public now, beard and other maintain at least 6 feet social distance; Jiawen Niusen released California bey on March 19 ” Ju Jialing ” , requirement California people is waited for a few weeks as far as possible in future in the home, morrow, new York city and the procession that Illinois also joins California…

Before these measure announce, a lot of people had had a few time in home office, “The circumstance is very passive, but everybody knows seriousness now, had actinging now at least. ” Zhang Zunfeng says. Nevertheless, even if is relatively strict California ” Ju Jialing ” , also a city with Wuhan is completely different, the government just gave orders to shut a few commerce and public, but do not have to individual action of the citizen mandatory, just suggest they do not undertake collecting sexual group activity, the dweller still can go out to ride a bicycle, walk a dog, shop.

Shafuna says Williams · , the United States has 50 states, each state act is a little different. Tennessee did not take the rigid step of similar California, but when accept of Williams · Sha Fu went to work on March 18, see the road hands in discharge of be open to traffic to may have 5% former days only, people is waited for of one’s own accord in the home, bookshop, bar closes store with a few dining-room.

” new York Times ” point out, going up somehow, european opening wealthy democratic country for the life and pay price. In such country, people is used to a loose-jointed, convenient travel and independence decision-making, the government worries about public public opinion, unaccustomed the command at severity of make known to lower levels. And this applies to the United States likewise.

Under photograph comparing, east Asia a lot of countries are quick on the trigger. Director of American CDC predecessor expends peace to think, although China missed a few weeks time at first, but subsequently it is gotten than western state action faster, more decisive. “You must maintain social distance strictly inside a week after community transmission begins, can break out otherwise, once break out,control very hard. Once break out,control very hard..

“Be in the United States, all is to rely on consciousness. ” Williams · Sha Fu laughed here, his explanation says, they did not take the way of California, because bey feels Tennessee is the example of a voluntarily,be. But he also emphasizes, so the state that become is more than this one. Yesterday, he sees the picture of square of a piece of times from TV, the picture that one person does not have for nothing almost over there makes him feel unusual shock. “In fact, I am very open-eyed mix seriously so at the people of whole United States earnest ground treats mayor and bey people proposal. I am very open-eyed mix seriously so at the people of whole United States earnest ground treats mayor and bey people proposal..

But not be everybody so custom act. Accept of Williams · sanded husband sees some say a few youths think in TV news oneself won’t because catch an illness of new coronal virus is very serious, still be unaltered so go out to play, in threes and fours. Another news is Florida seaside has one pile youth, as usual, bey is very angry, the mayor Qing Dynasty that calls beach seat retreats these youths.

On the press conference March 22, lew Ke not checks virtue of Chang’an of administrative division of new York state Newyork city still has some of dweller to continue to gather in the park to mix other public ” apathetic ” and ” proud ” behavior raised objection. His directive comes to the time that gives Newyork city 24 hours put forward to reduce the plan of these local crowd density.

To the appeal that people ego keeps apart, it is a bit what the expert is emphasizing aller almost. “This means us to need to assume responsibility, although we think we are relatively not easy,feel. The youth sees data can think very easily, ‘ good, in case was I affected? I am likely also won’t occupied. ‘ ” Collins of dean of national and wholesome academy says the United States, but you also should consider other weak force crowd. Although you think you were not necessary to undertake keeping apart for oneself, you also are doing this thing for national someone else.

What is the United States’ best ending? Cost peace says, gather through restricting social distance and crowd, the United States has the possibility that reduces infection number, the strategy that begins to take Singapore form next will reduce new infection case of illness. Another expert also expresses, although the country such as Singapore, Korea, China experienced initial impact, count hair patient later the curve is gently came down, the United States can imitate their experience possibly also.

If say the example of the country such as Korea and Singapore gave the United States in order to hope, so, neal Ferguson of British epidemiology home is oppugned, whether can these countries succeed this kind continuously 18 months, appear on the market till vaccine? Latter, singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan also have the tendency that epidemic situation rebounds. His colleague also thinks, a big question is, no matter be government or individual, can be we maintained current these measure how long? “If we are in,arrive one year one year next half inside cannot count on vaccine, need to find a kind of means that can last to answer epidemic situation so. Need to find a kind of means that can last to answer epidemic situation so..