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Original title: The department of defense: Epidemic situation of the member that Chinese army takes abroad person seriously highly is prevented control the job

Reporter: The data of statistic of World Health Organization shows, up to on March 25, accumulative total of pneumonic diagnose case of illness exceeds global new coronal 400 thousand, already reported the country of case of illness and area are amounted to 190 many. Epidemic situation of the personnel outside introducing Chinese army to enhance the of great capacity please defends the case that controls the job.

Ren Guojiang: Chairman of be used to and height of leader of the Central Military Commission take seriously abroad the military personnel epidemic situation that satisfies a task is prevented control the job. It is to build epidemic situation lash-up to answer a mechanism. The international organization such as the diplomatic mission outside be stationed in with China and U.N. maintains communicate harmonious, the abroad and military personnel that waits inside to executing mission of U.N. peace keeping, convoy builds epidemic situation to report lash-up answers a mechanism, dog closely the epidemic situation that masters place where troops are stationed and task area is prevented accuse circumstance and personnel health condition. 2 be from severe strengthen personnel canal to accuse. Strengthen ego of abroad and military personnel to defend consciousness and ability, rigor does good individual to defend, constituent epidemic situation is prevented accuse drilling; To producing epidemic situation area abroad satisfy travel task force, area of battalion of turnover of staff of strict examine and verify, establish test point of battalion door temperature, discrepancy battalion door measures temperature, use special place to recieve foreign staff, severe accuse of all kinds collect sexual activity. 3 it is to do good goods and materials actively to raise money with medical treatment cure. Epidemic situation prevents the basis to accuse and satisfy travel task need, raise money compensatory guaze mask, defend take, the equipment of goods and materials such as disappear venom and relevant medicines and chemical reagents; Technological process is examined during normative epidemic situation, do good medical service to protect personnel oneself to defend, strengthen long-range medical treatment to assist, inspect affection to coordinate concerned country and international organization through diplomatic channel, for me abroad and military personnel offers cure of necessary medical treatment. 4 it is rigor has done the preparation before sending and segregation of the quarantine after going back to the motherland. Before sending, abroad satisfy travel task force to fulfil 15 day concentration strictly to keep apart medicine to observe a requirement, strengthen epidemic situation to prevent accuse major to groom, deploy a people’s air defense to shield apparel and material of necessary epidemic prevention, to the sea airlift undertakes alexipharmic waiting defending handling. After all military personnel go back to the motherland, keep apart quarantine strictly according to requirement organization.

I am abroad satisfy travel task force to fulfil concerned epidemic prevention strictly to ask, strengthen oneself to defend, up to on March 25, affect new coronal without personnel pneumonic.