Original title: Japanese epidemic situation deepens the market to worry about day classics index to drop 882.03 a little bit

Because worry to be new coronal of the center with Tokyo,congress of enlarge of pneumonic epidemic situation is opposite Japanese economy causes an effect, 26 days, tokyo stock market begins undersell to go strong in the morning, force of stock usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price increases again afternoon, day classics index drops more than 1000 a little bit for a time.

26 days, day classics index drops 882.03 a little bit than 25 days, drop 4.51% , the newspaper closes 18664.6 a little bit.

According to analysis of association of Japanese send out, the reason that share price drops considerably is, expand to prevent new-style and pneumonic epidemic situation, the capital of a country with divine Nai plain county appeals people is in east avoid to go out as far as possible on the weekend originally, what bring an influence to the economic activity such as consumption is anxious increase. The market expresses about the personage, “Between the enterprise, suffer the effect that infection enlarges, begin to have reduce the tendency that outstanding achievement looks into this year, predicting meeting produces adverse effect to hypostatic economy, so the stock market quickened the pace of undersell. ” (bud of He Xin of total stage reporter)