Original title: Wen Zaiyin fights epidemic disease actively to suffer reputably supportive rate starts 16 months new tall

On Feburary 25, wen Zaiyin goes to big Qiu to attend meeting of the countermeasure that fight epidemic disease, to ensign salute. (Han couplet company)

[Abroad net on March 26 | Area of war pestilence full-time] according to Han Lian the company reports, 26 days, korea civilian moves the findings that orgnaization Realmeter releases to show, administration of Korea president Wen Zaiyin is led reputably for 52.5% , achieve in November 2018 the 2nd week (53.7% ) since, the record of 16 months is lain between when, also be when lie between 7 months to be broken through afresh 50% .

In March 23-25 day, realmeter of civilian attune orgnaization faces Korea 1518 constituency had this second investigation. The result shows, wen Zaiyin administration is led reputably for 52.5% , relatively rise last week 3.2 percent, difference is judged for 44.1% , relatively glide last week 3.8 percent.

Realmeter analysis thinks, korea people answers new coronal actively to the government pneumonic epidemic situation gives positive opinion, drive rate of Wen Zaiyin support to rise thereby.

Besides Duan Zhi of 30 years old of ages, other and all age paragraph, guard and crowd of the tendency intermediate, faithful Qing Dynasty and region of country of big Qiu, Qing Shangdao, boiler is opposite supportive rate of Wen Zaiyin all rises.

From the point of rate of support of each political party, the collective citizen party of the democratic party is 28.9% , the prospective Korea party of conservative political parties and groups is 28% , the open the Democratic Party of congeneric democratic party is 11.6% , just party 5.4% , national party 4.9% . Realmeter expresses, the support of the democratic party group it is support dispersedly collective citizen party and open the Democratic Party two cliques, still the part changes justice to the party. (abroad net Liu is strong)