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Original title: Hangzhou consumption certificate already drove consumption 2.396 billion yuan

Certificate of consumption of first phase costs dispatch of new capital newspaper 2 hours explain get end, and the 2nd period consumptive certificate is opened explain after getting, used 2 minutes of 20 seconds only by explain get one air… Hangzhou rises from March 27, a running fire two period consume certificate, the data that occupies committee of Hangzhou city business affairs shows, up to on April 7 17: 00, subsidy of government of cash of electronic consumption certificate 220 million yuan, drive Hangzhou to consume 2.396 billion yuan, effect of consumptive certificate multiplier is highlighted.

New capital signs up for a reporter to understand, extended on April 3 the 2nd period certificate of Hangzhou electron consumption extends in all 1.5 million, every 100 yuan, add up to 150 million yuan. Still be to want only ” be in Hangzhou personally ” OK explain get, be restricted to be gotten only every week each. Compare with photograph of first phase, the 2nd period the forehead of electronic consumption certificate spends turn over times: Every contain 3 pieces of certificate, it is respectively 1 full-blown 300 yuan are touched buckle 45 yuan, full 200 yuan are touched buckle 35 yuan, full 100 yuan support the certificate that buckles 20 yuan, in assign businessman route when next disbursement, pass pay treasure to be touched directly buckle cash to use. The netizen expresses: “Begin to crouch from 9:57 defend, infinite refresh. Be grabbed! ” still more person plaints the 2nd period the hand that everybody grabs certificate fast: “Loginned 10:4, did not have early! ” ” be grabbed this too quickly! ” ” be grabbed this too quickly!!

New capital signs up for a reporter to notice, hangzhou extends consumptive certificate although ” start ” be later than other city, but ” move ” however most ” easy ” , become up to now most encourage ” buy buy buy ” city.

Compare on March 2, jinan announces formally to extend certificate of 20 million yuan of consumption, become the first to consume the outback city of certificate mode in the open in new coronal epidemic situation. Although Hangzhou just announced to extend on March 27 consume certificate, but amount is amounted to however 1.68 billion. The government provides the forehead is spent it is 500 million yuan, among them 15 million yuan of consumption that are used at difficult masses are accessorial, the rest is used 485 million yuan at the electron to consume certificate to extend, additionally the businessman matchs favourable forehead to spend about 1.18 billion yuan.

Besides encourage everybody ” ramble eat ramble eat ” , a lot of cities also put the emphasis that consumes certificate in article brigade and gymnastical respect. For example, zhejiang is built heart the travel that gives out 10 million yuan with respect to outward ground tourist consumes certificate, shandong aid extends rather Hui Min of 100 thousand yuan of culture consumes certificate, zhejiang peaceful wave rolls out amount 100 million yuan article brigade Hui Min consumes certificate. Heibei province will extend 15 million yuan sports consumes certificate, consumptive certificate amount spends the fitness that Qingdao extends to the citizen to also achieve 340 million yuan.

In addition, the consumptive certificate of a lot of cities is directional still in be aimed at low income group. There are 15 million yuan of consumption allowances that are used at difficult masses in consuming certificate besides Zhejiang, of Zhengzhou ” bonus ” consumptive certificate is only right low protect, the boy or girl friend of 4 kinds of minister such as especially low income, tired, give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen extends, everybody is 500 yuan.

New capital signs up for reporter Wang Ping