Original title: Break out! Italy holds Sikana in the palm a bridge breaks down collapse bridge of two van dropping

Controlled partly at 10 o’clock 8 days morning local time, italy asks large area of Si Ka accept Masa Kalala saves a bridge happening to break down collapse, break several. Fireman has hurried to the spot. When accident happening, two van are passing bridge. Leave according to saying driver of a truck is seasonable, car was not damaged, another driver bust gets hurt, already was sent toward the hospital, still insensate danger. At present two van stay in break down on the bridge floor that collapse, have not drop river.

△ bridge breaks down collapse origin of spot photograph picture: Italian media

According to Italian media coverage, this bridge belongs to Italian country highway to supervise company management. The driver will discover to break appears on the bridge last year in November, road company technology did not restrict this bridge to pass through after personnel reconnaissance. (Yan Xin of total stage reporter)