Original title: Gong Zheng is these new the headquarters of transnational corporation area that maintain and center of research and development promulgate card

Shanghai continues to make China and even whole world the foreign investment of the richest appeal heats up one of earth. Gong Zheng of Shanghai acting mayor today (8 days) it is in municipal government new the headquarters of area of 21 transnational corporation that maintain and center of 10 research and development issue letter.

Deputy mayor Xu Kunlin makes a speech. Pluvial fruit rich this, Sen Song pharmacy represents headquarters of transnational corporation area and speech of center of foreign capital research and development respectively.

Obtain this promulgate the industrial domain that majority comes from the enterprise crossing a state of certificate to develop at Shanghai key. Among them, company of biology medicine field 7, company of digital information science and technology and artificial intelligence domain, intelligence production field each 4, company of field of integrated circuit domain, new material technology each 3. In the meantime, the industry is gotten army the business is much, in 31 enterprises, 2 originate 500 strong companies of world, 3 big China, Asia-Pacific and Shanghai of above area total tribe.

Height of all through the ages of Shanghai municipal Party committee, municipal government takes foreign capital enterprise seriously to develop. Rolled out battalion business environment to reform 3 edition scheme in succession this year, strengthen investment to promote 32, use foreign capital further 24 wait for act. Since epidemic situation happening, two class lead Shanghai, area to visit headquarters of area of transnational corporation is in Shanghai and company of key foreign capital centrally, municipal government holds round table of collaboration of 9 politics look forward to early or late, enterprise of cogent help foreign capital resolves real difficulty, company of firm foreign capital invests the determination of Shanghai, take root Shanghai and faith. Current, the headquarters of transnational corporation area of settle Shanghai and accumulative total of center of research and development amount to 730 to mix 466; Shanghai fact arrives first quarter this year foreign capital 4.669 billion dollar, grow 4.5% compared to the same period, came true to go against situation wave red.

(article picture Zhang Chunhai is photographed)