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Original title: The Chinese worker in Israel first diagnose new coronal is pneumonic belong to spend infection gently

According to coverage of Israel Chinese media, on April 7, be located in Israel north city to breath out lucky assorted the eastpart part to approach a building site of Arabia market, gold of two China worker is such-and-such (Anhui) with Sun Mou some (Jiangsu) , diagnose infection new coronal is pneumonic, in Hadaila at present the hospital is treated, belong to spend infection gently.

That day afternoon, before China is stationed in Israel embassy staff member, past worker is in a dormitory, saw 12 fellow workers that have intimate contact with them, express to express sympathy and solicitude for to them and extended medical treatment preserve endowment. Below the harmony of Chinese embassy, these 12 fellow workers already were kept apart to observe that evening, whether to affect had not affirmed. (Tang Xiangwei of total stage reporter)