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Original title: Tomorrow zero hour, beijing Haidian opens answer of go back to work to produce 24 hours to serve a hot line

Area of Haidian of dispatch of new capital newspaper on April 9 message, zero hour rose on April 10, haidian area go back to work answer produce service hot line 51321501 will debut formally, the hot line aims to coordinate solve business go back to work answer the difficulty that in producing, encounters and problem, help enterprise as soon as possible go back to work is amounted to produce.

Relevant controller introduces Haidian area, to ensure the hot line serves actual effect, closely around return hillock to serve with safeguard of transport power of labour, traffic, finance, supply chain law of harmonious, policy serves wait for answer of go back to work to produce ” pain spot, block dot, difficulty up ” problem, haidian whole area includes appoint more than 40 department that runs bureau and street to be pressed down inside, create special service group and service person specially assigned for a job, build ” special railway line is accepted, commissioner is dealt with, classification is solved ” service mechanism, with more the service act with accurate essence is accelerated restore to produce management order.

It is reported, moving platform of this hot line uses robot of intelligent customer service + artificial service mode, execute 7 × 24 hours round-the-clock service. In the meantime, developed a hot line to deal with ” small letter carries small order ” , initiate online video communicates record of speech work sheet, real time wait for a hot line to handle a function, can realize an enterprise to appeal to demand the whole technological process in mobile terminal quick deal with.

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